Please follow the following steps:

1> Please make changes in the L1 in the HRMS tool of your company, it could take max 24 hrs to reflect the change in travel module. So if change is made now then please wait for 24hrs before moving to the next step
2> Now the new L1 is up to date in the system
3> To redirect the approval towards new L1, go the trip/expense already approved by old L1 but now has to be approved by new L1 
4> Click on the edit icon (situated next to delete icon) on the top right corner of the page, the same page will be refreshed
5> Bottom part of the page now would have the "Continue" button, click to go forward
6> Next page would have the "Submit" button in the bottom part, click to submit this request. A new page appears.
7> It's Done!
7> Now the same trip is directed towards new L1 for approval, you can verify the same on right side of the page.

Repeat this for all pending requests.

Thanking you.