Confirmed bookings can be "Cancelled"

Approved booking can be "Deleted"

"Confirmed" request meaning request for which booking details have been entered can be "Canceled"  whereas "Approved" requests, for which booking details are not present can be "Deleted" (but not without the approval of manager as per new requirement)

Please follow the following steps to delete/ cancel segment of  the request:
1> Visit trip page
2> Top right corner have edit button, click to edit
3> Each non-booked segment have "Delete" button on the respective right corner of the card
4> Delete non-booked segments required
3> Each booked segment have "Cancel" button on the card
4> Cancel booked segments required
5> Click Submit at the bottom part
6> Manager would have to approve now the changed request and once approved email will be sent to Travel desk about the change. This ensures that Travel desk is aware of the change in the request.